Naturex Sales Impacted by Gloomy Market, Boosted by Vegetable Juices Acquisition

Naturex has reported that 2014 third-quarter revenue, as the first two quarters, was impacted by the base effect from exceptional conditions that have benefited in 2013, the green coffee bean extract with slimming effects (Svetol in the United States) and krill extraction sales. It is noted that Krill extraction operations were transferred to the joint venture created with...

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DMV at Hi Europe

FrieslandCampina DMV offers a full range of high quality dairy ingredients. These ingredients are supported with our nutritional expertise that we like to share with you We focus on the Performance and Lifestyle nutrition segments during our presence at Hi Europe in Amsterdam, December 2-4. ►  READ MORE

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Resistant Starch Product Shown to Improve Insulin Sensitivity in Women

05 Nov 2014 --- Ingredion Incorporated has announced the results of a new clinical trial conducted using HI-MAIZE high amylose resistant starch, which shows that the ingredient may improve insulin sensitivity in women. The study was conducted by Barbara Gower, Ph.D., in the Department of Nutrition Sciences at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Oils, Fats & Fatty Acids Innovation


The presence of oils, fats and fatty acids among new product launches tracked is declining globally, with a -3% decline measured, when comparing launches tracked in 2013-H1 and 2014-H1. The top category for tracked global launches is bakery (17%), ...► Read More

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